Flirting For Guys – Tips on Getting a Girl to Like You

28 Dec

Flirting For Guys – Tips on Getting a Girl to Like You

If you are looking tips on getting a girl to like you, then I am going to let you into a little secret here when it comes to flirting for guys and how to attract women successfully. This is a great trick to get a girl to want you more by mentioning other women. The key to this is to do so in a way that makes you sound as if you are liked by other women and not that you are the kind of guy who uses them or is a player in any way. This comes down to the phrasing of your sentences and is a really important aspect of getting a successful result from your efforts.

Phrasing is the exact way in which say things to a woman and this is often what causes the difference between success and failure. Let me give you an example of how this works in the real world. As I mentioned, a good tip when talking to a woman is to mention other girls, as this will make them think that females are comfortable around you and that you are confident around them too.

So taking phrasing into account a good example of how to do this is to say something like, ‘it’s my friend Mary’s birthday get together at the weekend and I’m going shopping to buy her a present tomorrow, do you have any ideas what I could get her’. Of course she doesn’t know Mary, so may ask some more questions here, or she may just offer some general advice. The point is not the present though; it is the fact that you have displayed that you are thoughtful about a female friend of yours. This works on a number of levels.

The first is that you have mentioned she is a friend, so there are no connotations that you are a player. On the other hand, you have shown that you are popular with other women and that other females find you likable in some way. This is likely to make her feel more relaxed and comfortable too. The next point is that you’ve made her aware that you’ve been asked to do something sociable, so you have a life and don’t just go out hitting on girls all the time. The third bonus of this particular phrasing technique is that you have shown you are generous by saying you are buying your friend a present and this will definitely get you some plus points with her.

Compare this to saying something like, ‘I going out for a drink with a girl on the weekend and want to buy her something nice’. Can you now Niteflirtfindomme ¬†how this will be read in a completely different way by the woman you are talking to? If you said something like this, she will immediately jump on the defensive and think you are a player and that you don’t really value the women you are with. Even though you could be meaning exactly the same as in the first example, the way you have said it has completely let you down.

She may still reply to you in a way in which makes it seem as if she thinks you’re a player with either approach, but you will have a far better chance of turning it around in the first instance. This is because, it’s more than likely because she is showing signs of vulnerability or even jealousy, which you can play on, rather than with it being said with anger or upset as the basis behind it.

Actually, you can earn more points with her if you have used the initial example of good phrasing, as you can develop yourself further as a loyal friend and after all, what kind of woman doesn’t want a loyal man?

Therefore, rather than jumping on the defensive yourself and saying, ‘no, it’s nothing like that between us’ which seems as if you may be trying to cover something up and have got something to hide, instead reply with ‘Mary is a good friend of mine who has always we have always been there for each other through thick and thin, I just want to show her that I really value her friendship and loyalty’. Again, this is juts a good example of phrasing and with a little practice saying things such as this can become second nature after a while.


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