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11 Oct

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

My family always has a Christmas tree every year because it was the popular thing to do. We have ornaments, holly wreaths, presents and everything else that goes along with the Christmas celebration. I know it was borderline but in that everyone liked it so much and it’s supposed to be in honor of our
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9 Oct

Christmas Home Decor

Be inspired with these Christmas Home Decor ideas for your home. Modern and Vintage stockings, wreaths, ornaments, and more decor ideas for the holidays. There are so many wonderful themes to decoration your house for Christmas in. We hope we can provide you with some wonderful inspiration for if you like Modern or Vintage Christmas
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7 Oct

How to Wrap (almost) anything for Christmas

So, have you even started all your shopping? Or maybe you’re one of the organised ones and you’ve actually finished? The best part of the gift-giving season (besides all the happy faces on Christmas morning of course) for me, is wrapping the Christmas gifts. There’s something pretty magical about listening to Christmas Music while you go through
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5 Oct

10 Budget Friendly Christmas Home Decoration Ideas

December has arrived so fast and you can feel the Christmas vibes in the air. You can spot Christmas decorations almost everywhere; stores, offices, streets etc. There is so much spending and planning to do this festive season on a whole lot of things. The list is endless depending what you’ve planned for the Christmas.
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3 Oct

The Amazing Christmas Markets in the UK

Christmas is coming to town! Discover the best Christmas markets in the most beautiful destinations in the United Kingdom. Enjoy their Christmas decorations, their beautiful Christmas trees, the best places to find original Christmas gifts for the whole family in the best Christmas destinations in the United Kingdom. Make the whole experience a Christmas to
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1 Oct

Christmas Films Not Worth The Hype

Guest Post by Alanna of Before I start with my post, I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to Chantelle for allowing me to be a guest on her blog, it’s an honour and I really hope you enjoy this. I also want to quickly introduce myself, my name is Alanna but
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5 Sep
25 Aug

Vintage Christmas Decorations

There’s something about Vintage Christmas decorations, and the traditions from the past that give us an extra special feeling around the holidays. Wether you grew up in the 1950s and remember Bing Crosby on the radio, or the 1960s and listened to Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree. Maybe your parents, or even Grandparents share with
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12 Aug

Christmas Tree Decorations

We know that Decorating your Christmas Tree is one of the most important parts of the holiday. So here we want to give you the best and most unique Christmas Tree Decor ideas available. Christmas Tree Decor Ideas  We have lots of amazing Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas for all types of trees, and all types
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12 Aug

The Christmas Card-To Send or Not To Send

Strictly speaking, a Christmas card is a greeting card specifically oriented for the Christmas celebrations of December 25th. The Christmas card is a message to all the people here and gone that we will remember them every year when the weather gets a bit colder. More often than you might like to admit, a Christmas
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